Application Development

January 19, 2021


Companies today require efficient, agile and integrated business applications to ensure
their operations run better than ever. The majority of progressive organizations are
delivering a wide mix of complex applications to appeal to both the end user, employee,
and customer.

With so many complex applications to manage, IT organization often refer to a
range of
challenges including executing the various ecosystems and integrated platforms,
software, and technologies efficiently to serve the needs of an organization.

4 Common Challenges in Application Development

Changing Requirements and Environments

Sudden changes in the business landscape are to be expected. Technological
transformations and economic disruptions can rarely be fully planned for. However,
ensuring a scalable and flexible application architecture is in place is more critical
now than ever.

Explosive Growth of Big Data

May the data be with you! Yes, data will always be with us and the amount of data that
exists is growing at a tremendous pace. The challenge is to manage this data
intelligently by curating, organizing, and centralizing big data projects and ensuring
it is turned into insightful, useful and actionable information.

Interdependency of Systems

Systems in any organization must be linked carefully in order to work together
efficiently. For instance, payroll and time off systems must be consistently receiving
the same information. Sales, marketing, and customer management systems must also
receive the same information to operate well and effortlessly.

Minutes and Money

Application development is a time-consuming process. If not clear from the outset, it
can also cost a considerable amount of money. An application that is designed and
customized to fit the needs of the organization and properly linked to other systems
will cut time and money by at least one-third.

Questions to Ask When Considering an Application Development Provider

1) Does this provider support the right platforms?

It is important to know what type of integrations and technological support is
offered before making a decision.

2) Does this provider offer automatic or manual database syncing?

Understanding this can help you to decide how much storage will be needed to
access, store, and transmit data correctly.

3) Does this provider offer top-notch security for my application?

Security is of paramount concern these days. Even for the best companies,
breaches still happen. Things such as authentication and read/write access
should be top of mind.

4) Does this provider offer an agile and adaptable model?

Flexibility will help to dictate whether your model operates in an efficient
manner. Additionally, when it comes to improvements and tweaks, agility will
determine how far you can go.

5) Does this provider ensure data conflict management?

Conflict management will differ for almost every system. If the same data can be
modified on multiple devices, it will create a conflict. That’s why
understanding the resolution mechanism is so important.

When choosing an application development provider, take into account the above
information. It will be critical to help you build a secure, flexible and
manageable business application that works seamlessly.

What’s Next?

The team of experts at Inventive IT offer both technical experience and resources to
guide you to successful application development that aligns to your business goals. The
speed of technology and business is proving that cloud adoption and application
modernization and integration are crucial to success.

Whether building on an existing application or crafting a custom one, we work with you
to deliver data-driven insights, lower operational costs, boost retention and maximize
performance with an end-to-end development service that works for you.

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