The Benefits of Leveraging Sprint Teams for Application Development and Management

January 19, 2021


A “sprint” is a period of work during which a team of technicians tackles particular business goals, one by one. Within time periods as quick as two to three weeks, sprintteams can prepare, create, test and deploy new responsive programming.

It is a strategy primarily used by large enterprises as sprint teams are able to clear up backlogs, develop new strategies and implement solutions faster than the traditional approach.

In this whitepaper, you will explore the various benefits of leveraging this strategy for custom application development so your organization can accomplish goals quickly.

Why Should You SPRINT?

There are many use cases for leveraging Sprint Teams to assist in projects related to Application Development and Management.

Here are some common reasons to choose Sprint Teams for ADM:

  • Time:
    This is perhaps the scarcest resource for all organizations. While ADM is important, your teams may not have the bandwidth to complete these sort of projects at scale, while managing other mission critical IT tasks.
  • Budget:
    It is difficult to hire and maintain a staff dedicated to ADM, while staying within budget.
  • Skill Set:
    Recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training new staff with the proper skill set for ADM is a strenuous and time consuming process.
  • Strategy:
    Even with the right team members in place, ADM still requires a long-term vision to ensure success. Many IT leaders struggle to find the necessary time to craft a strategy for ADM success.
  • Modernization:
    Legacy software simply does not provide all the necessary solutions for today’s fast paced and ever changing business environment. Why fall behind due to antiquated technology when you can sprint to success by leveraging the latest and greatest software offerings? Sprint Teams can be used to fast track your organization’s migration to modern software applications.

Explore the Benefits

The ” as a Service” model has revolutionized how business is conducted, especially in IT.

Sprint Teams function ” as a Service” in the same way that SaaS (Software- as- a- Service), PaaS (Platform- as- a- Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure- as- a- Service) do.

The ” as a Service” model allows for great flexibility when it comes to managing projects for timeline and budget considerations. Companies can implement Sprint Teams on- demand when in- house teams lack the bandwidth or knowledge base to complete application development and management projects.

In addition, the on- demand model for Sprint Teams transforms application maintenance and development projects from a capital expense into an operating expense, which assists in forecasting IT budgets.

Another key benefit is that organizations can leverage the technological experties and experience of Sprint Teams to make smarter short and long- term strategic business decisions, while allowing internal teams to focus on their core responsibilities.

These benefits for utilizing Sprint Teams ” as a Service” allows your company to stay on budget, while providing the agility and flexibility to achieve your application development and management goals at scale..

The Sprint Advantage

    • Budget:
      Sprint Teams are on- demand and priced out per Sprint, or per month.


    • Agility:
      Sprint Teams allow for the best technicians to be assigned to a project. Team members can be swapped out if needed.


    • Flexibility:
      Sprint Teams dig into the data to craft strategies that evolve as the project progresses.


  • Predictability:
    Leveraging Sprint Teams changes ADM from a Capital Expense to an Operating Expense, which makes budget forecasting more predictable.

In Conclusion

Sprint Teams allow companies to get exactly what they need to build and maintain their applications – a bespoke team of experts who are available on-demand to craft and implement strategies to reprogram current technologies and react to new demands.

By leveraging Inventive-IT’s Sprint Teams, your organization gets access to:

  • Seasoned developers across all platforms.
  • Skilled solution architects to provide advisory, architecture anddevelopment leadershi p.
  • Fast-tracked development and testing cycles to expedite delivery.

Now is the time for your company to Sprint For Success!

Contact Inventive-IT for a complimentary assessment to see how Sprint Teams can be used to improve the functionality of your IT department.

Our best-in-class solution engineers will identify the pertinent needs of your organization and craft a Sprint Team strategy to help accomplish your goals.


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