How to Build an Effective CI/CD Pipeline

October 22, 2021
CI/CD Pipeline

An effective and efficient continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline are essential for modern DevOps developing teams. It is because this can help them to cope effectively with the rapidly changing technology landscape.

When you combine a good CI/CD pipeline with agile concepts, it will help in streamlining the software development lifecycle. It will ultimately result in high-quality software development with quicker delivery.

Effective ways to build CI/CD pipeline

However, when building an effective CI/CD pipeline for maximum results, some people don’t know how to do it right. Here we have enlisted some of the best ways to build an effective CI/CD pipeline you must know:

Focus on your CI/CD pipeline goals

Are you building processes to implement your upcoming projects with continuous integration and a continuous delivery pipeline from scratch? Then, you must understand how your current projects are built. Also, what major issues do you want to account for? For this, you must look at the present CI/CD pipeline implementations of your company. This way, it will become easier to plan out how to tie CI/CD pipeline in a new project with the processes you already have in place.

Understand the process first

Before looking for what you can consider using for continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline or all the tools and plugins to accomplish the best CI/CD suite. It is important to understand the steps or processes that you are planning to implement for completing the production of your project without any hassle.

After knowing the process, you can look for the best tools to support each step of your project more effectively.

Determine the needs of your team

While building CI/CD pipeline, it is essential to understand the skillset of people involved in every team. It will make it easier to understand what you will architect. Surely, no one wants to create some random, mindless tasks that make staging release hard to remember.

continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline should mature slowly as per your teams’ needs. It will make it simpler to achieve your continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline goals more effectively.

Build your CI/CD pipeline for speed

CI/CD pipeline can promise faster release if you will do it right. Creating an effective continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline can be speedier than manual hand-offs. However, there are some ways to make your continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline zippier. One of the ways is to use auto-scale runners. It can let you build continuous integration and a continuous delivery pipeline for speed, especially if you are creating it from scratch.

Keep it secure

Undoubtedly, it’s fun to play around with your continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline. However, it is highly critical to secure your pipeline in the best possible way. You can start the process of making your pipeline secure by understanding the threat landscape. If you store your primary data in a secret management service. Then you should create deterministic security jobs for safer and easier integrations.

Final Thoughts

The primary objective of the continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline is to automate and enhance SDLC. It is because the pipeline usually covers numerous aspects of the software development process, from code writing to testing your code and delivery to deployment. In simple words, effective continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline can integrate continuous monitoring and automation into the development cycle.

So, ensure to practice the above-mentioned tips when you are building an effective continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline.

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